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Kaine Needs to Clarify Position on Micro-unions

Richmond, VA – Former Governor and Senate candidate Tim Kaine refused to support Virginia’s business community on the issue of micro-unions in arecently released interview with the Virginia Chamber of Commerce.  When asked about the job-killing regulations being put forth by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), Kaine refused to take a clear stance.  The Chamber’s question and Kaine’s response can be viewed online here (see question 7).

Kaine was asked about the recent ruling permitting unions to create extremely small bargaining units in workplaces to make it easier for a favorable union vote.  Rather than oppose this Big Labor overreach, Kaine continued to duck the issue stating, “The NLRB does a lot of different things, and we need to make sure they behave in a balanced waythat will promote economic growth.”

We agree that the NLRB does a lot of things – hurt job creation, burden businesses and ignore procedures already in place.  Virginia businesses need a senator who will put a stop to the NLRB's recklessness. 

“This is an unacceptable stance for a candidate for public office to take,” said Andrew Vehorn, spokesman for Alliance for Virginia Jobs (AVAJ).  “Virginia’s business owners deserve to know if a person asking for their vote will side with them or Big Labor.  Employers across Virginia are struggling to survive and being burdened daily by excessive regulations from Washington.  The Commonwealth needs a senator who will stand up to the NLRB and tell union bosses enough is enough.  If Tim Kaine cannot make that commitment to business owners, howdoes he expect business owners to support him?”

In his response, Senate candidate George Allen sided with small business owners by saying, “The National Labor Relations Board is once again doing the bidding of union bosses, and these so called mini-bargaining units would lead to chaos in a business and the work place.  I think that is a bad idea, and I oppose it.”

“This is one of the biggest issues facing businesses in Virginia,” said Nicole Riley, director of the Virginia chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB).   “Tim Kaine cannot claim to support businesses, while he’s supporting organized labor’s position on micro-unions.”

In August 2011, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) reached a decision in the Specialty Healthcare case allowing for the formation of multiple micro-unions within a single company with as few as three employees.  Kaine has refused to respond to multiple questionnaires seeking to clarify his position on numerous NLRB regulations. 

Kaine told The Washington Post earlier this year, “if you decline to state your position, I’ve got a pretty good idea what your position is … and it is the wrong position for Virginia.” 

Businesses deserve an answer from Senator Kaine on micro-unions.

The Alliance for Virginia Jobs is an organization committed to protecting jobs in Virginia and standing up for the workers and small businesses in the state that grow the economy and create opportunities.  To learn more, please visit: