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New Video Calls On Kaine To State Position On Micro-Unions

Former Governor Continues Dodging Labor Issues In Campaign

Richmond, VA – The Alliance for Virginia Jobs (AVAJ) today unveiled a new video highlighting former Governor and Senate candidate Tim Kaine’s continued effort to “dodge” questions from small business owners and employees regarding his position on micro-unions.

Kaine recently told The Washington Post, “if you decline to state your position, I’ve got a pretty good idea what your position is … and it is the wrong position for Virginia.” 

“Other candidates for elected office in the Commonwealth have told voters how they plan to vote on important issues such as micro-unions,” said Andrew Vehorn, state director of the Alliance for Virginia Jobs (AVAJ).  “Governor Kaine’s refusal to state his position on labor issues leaves many voters to wonder – does he stand with Virginia’s employees and employers or with Big Labor bosses?”

In August 2011, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) reached a decision in the Specialty Healthcare case allowing for the formation of multiple micro-unions within a single company.  These small unions with varying interests and agendas compete to influence, and in some cases, threaten employees and management. 
In a recent decision, the NLRB’s Regional Director in New York City approved a micro-union application for employees at the Bergdorf Goodman retailer allowing the formation of separate unions for part- and full-time employees in the second floor designer shoe department and fifth floor contemporary shoe department.  These micro-unions can have as few as two or three members, and their implementation will cause confusion for workers throughout the entire workplace.

The Alliance for Virginia Jobs is an organization committed to protecting jobs in Virginia and standing up for the workers and small businesses in the state that grow the economy and create opportunities.       
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