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On Eve Of Visit To The Commonwealth, President Obama Attacks Virginia's Right-To-Work Law
Allen Fights Back. Will Kaine & Other Candidates For Office Do The Same?

Richmond, VA – The Alliance for Virginia Jobs (AVAJ) today issued the following statement regarding President Obama's negative comments on right-to-work laws yesterday at AFL-CIO's Building and Construction Trades Department Legislative Conference in Washington, D.C.:

"Workers should have a choice on whether or not they want to join a union and pay dues. That's the fundamental protection provided by Virginia's right-to-work law. In tough economic conditions, workers should have a say in whether or not hundreds of dollars are deducted from their pay checks to fund activities promoted by union bosses when they often don't agree with that agenda," said Andrew Vehorn, state director for the Alliance for Virginia Jobs (AVAJ). "The fact of the matter is that right-to-work states' promote a better economic environment for small businesses to succeed, and provide good jobs and competitive pay to their workers. Former Senator George Allen defended Virginia's right-to-work status, and it is our hope that other candidates for federal office, including former Governor Tim Kaine, will do the same and push back on President Obama's attack on Virginia's economy and workers. Next, these officials should clearly and unambiguously disclose to voters where they stand on critical legislation before Congress that addresses policies promoted by unelected government bureaucrats at the National Labor Relations Board which directly impact employees and employers in the Commonwealth."

Background: Excerpts of President Obama’s speech can be found by clicking here